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on the Africa service but under Government control, her accommodation being used mainly by Civil Servants. Bailey of Hull without a change of name. Gascon (2) was built in 1897 by Harland Wolff at Belfast with a tonnage of 6287grt, a length of 430ft, a beam of 52ft 2in and a service speed.5 knots. Nyanza was built in 1864 by Thames Ironworks Shipbuilding. Union Castle had a practice until 1939, of keeping at least two older vessels in reserve usually off Netley, Southampton Water with a skeleton crew and in reasonable readiness, due to a very strict mail contract.

Transferred to Union-Castle in 1900 she was replaced by the Stork in 1905 and sold to African Fisheries Ltd in 1906. She was laid up at Netley, Southampton Water in 1926 and eventually broken up by Thos. Built for service as a tug at Durban she completed her delivery voyage rigged as a schooner with coal being carried in wooden bunkers. Of London who renamed her Jaffar. At Northam, Southampton with a tonnage of 2994grt, a length of 369ft 6in, a beam of 40ft 4in and a service speed of 13 knots. During the Russian scare in May 1885 she carried troops to Hong Kong where she remained as a garrison ship until the crisis passed, returning to Cape Town in the July. Fleet nor bore her intended name. Purchased by Elder Dempster and renamed Wassau she was deployed on their Beaver Line service between Liverpool and Canada. Norseman (2) was built in 1890 by Day, Summers. Norman (2) was built in 1894 by Harland Wolff at Belfast with a tonnage of 7537grt, a length of 507ft, a beam of 53ft 2in and a service speed.5 knots.

In June 1898 she grounded on the Shambles at Portland Bill without incurring any serious damage. She then made one voyage from Alexandria to Basra, anchoring in Koweit Bay and in November 1918 carried troops to Australia before resuming commercial service in 1919 after a refit at Harland and Wolffs in Belfast. On 11th March 1901 she was sold to Royal Mail Steam Packet., renamed La Plata and given a white livery. Renamed Alphonso X111 (2) she was deployed on the New York-Cadiz, and later, Bilbao service to carry Europeans wishing to travel to the US on a neutral vessel. Costing 75,621, payable in four instalments, the intention was that she would complete the round voyage without the need to bunker en route by using 300 tons of reserve coal. Although transferred to the Union-Castle Mail Steamship Co on 8th March 1900 she was surplus to requirements and put up for sale, sold to German owners and broken.

On 26th May 1928 she was wrecked on a shoal 30 miles southwest of Noumea. On 17th October in the same year she collided with CPRs Charmer during a voyage from Vancouver to Japan and had to be beached at English Bay. When she was modified and emerged with vertical masts and funnel. She was sold to Howard, Smith. On 28th December 1897, together with the Athenian, she was sold to Canadian Pacific for their Vancouver Skagway, Alaska service. In 1913 she was finally broken up at Zwijndrecht in Holland. Kishimoto in March 1908 and broken up at Osaka.

She communicated by lamp but only the last two letters of the morse code response were understood; the letters being. In 1883 she broke the Plymouth to Cape Town record by completing the passage in 18days 13hrs 17mins and then returned in 18days 2hrs 28mins. Spartan was built in 1881 by J G Thompson. She ended her life on 25th June 1923 when she was wrecked near Hamilton, Bermuda. On e briefly ran aground near Green Point Lighthouse, Cape Town. Of Melbourne in 18 became the Kiodo Maru.16 when she was sold on to Kiodo Kisen Goshi Kaisya of Darien. In 1902 she was sold to African Boating.

Unfortunately, the force was delayed through dallying and arrived too late to prevent Gordon from being murdered by the forces of Abdullah al Mahdi in the April. After a further six years service she was reduced to a coal hulk in October 1902. One of four similar vessels their design was based on recommendations made by William Pirrie following a voyage to South Africa. (Photo: from ucpsc 03/33). In December 1895 she had to put into Vigo with engine problems and after transferring her passengers to other ships returned to Southampton. She was renamed Chignecto by Royal Mail in May 1913 and inaugurated their Montreal Quebec West Indies service. At Glasgow with a tonnage of 3487grt, a length of 364ft 6in, a beam of 42ft 7in and a service speed of 12 knots. For their new Canada-West Indies-British Guiana passenger/cargo service and renamed Caraquet. Two days after the formation of Union-Castle in 1900 she completed the final Union sailing from Cape Town but was no longer fast enough for the mail run. In October 1910 she joined Guelph on the Round Africa service and in 1913 was sold to Royal Mail.P.


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Transferred to Union-Castle on its formation in 1900 she was sold to the Royal Mail Steam Packet. At Dumbarton with a tonnage of 3028grt, a length of 350ft, a beam of 39ft 6in and a service speed.5 knots. In any case, triple expansion engines were not necessarily faster but more economical. Goutte of Marseilles as the Islam and was broken up at Marseilles in 1903. On 21st December 1892 she ran ashore in the River Tagus whilst approaching Lisbon under the command of the local pilot. Co of Toronto for 40,000 in November 1910 for cruising between New York and Bermuda but still proved expensive to operate. Together with the Asiatic and the Moor she was present at Queen Victorias Golden Jubilee Spithead review in 1887. And used as a supply ship peruvian escort escorts en inca following the Russo-Japanese war. In May 1919 she was chartered to P O for one voyage to Australia before returning to the mail run.

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